Only Have a Moment – Try these Quick Stress Relievers

by Donna Tosches, LCSW, CEAP

In honor of April as National Stress Awareness Month – here are some quick stress relievers. We may not always have the ability to schedule a full body massage – but there are quick, no cost ways to get immediate relief from stress. Try some of these listed below –

THE SCALP SOOTHER. Place thumbs behind our ears and spread fingers on top of your head. Move your scalp back and forth gently making circles with your fingertips for 15-20 seconds.

THE EYE EASER. Close your eyes and place your ring fingers directly under your eyebrows near the bridge of your nose. Slowly increase gentle pressure for five seconds, then slowly release. Repeat 2-3 times.

THE SHOULDER SAVER. Place your left hand on the right side of your neck by your shoulder. Press fingers firmly into the muscle while tucking your chin in toward your chest. Exhale and hold for 10 seconds, release, then repeat on the left side.

THE PALM PLEASER. Lace your fingers together, leaving thumbs free. Slowly knead your left thumb into the palm of your right hand for 20-30 seconds. Then repeat on your left hand.

MEDITATION/DEEP BREATHING. Close your eyes and slowly take a deep, long breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Think of a peaceful word or phrase you can say to yourself as you are breathing in deeply through your nose and out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this breathing pattern 4 more times.

MINI WALK. Nicer weather is upon us in the Mid South. Take ten minutes away from your busy day and go outside. Look up to the sky, walk around for ten minutes, and soak in warmth and sunlight. Return to your tasks more refreshed and focused. Look forward to the next mini break and repeat.

Donna Tosches, LCSW, CEAP is the Director of the Dennis H. Jones Living Well network and the Methodist Healthcare Employee Assistance Program.