Sense of Belonging

We are all social creatures. Research shows that people who belong to groups are happier. If you are depressed or anxious, finding a supportive group may help you find purpose in your life.

A sense of belonging helps you in many ways. Relationships are stronger. Blood pressure is better. You may even live longer.

It may seem hard at first: When we’re depressed and anxious, we feel self-conscious – and that can lead to isolation. But you have skills or interests that others share. Enroll in a class. Join a book club. Volunteer. You will find that your time and attention will be valued by others.

You already have a network of family and friends who can support you. Identify people whose company you enjoy and respect most, and build a stronger connection with them. If you are facing a particular life challenge, you may want to get involved in a group beyond what your friends and family can offer. Through support groups, you can find:

  • Concrete suggestions and information about your issue
  • People who understand how you are feeling
  • A reminder that you’re not alone
  • Inspiration from seeing others coping well

The Living Well Front Porch can provide you with an up-to-date list of support groups in Memphis and the Mid-South, including these resources.

STEPS toward a sense of belonging

  • Make a list of personal interests.
  • Look online for groups that share your interests.
  • Look for companionship in your church or through support groups.
  • Build stronger relationships with those you trust most.

If you need more detailed information about local support groups or a guide to help you down the pathway, or if you feel that you need immediate assistance, call the Front Porch at 901.762.8558.