Hands-on Service

It’s simple: Doing good makes you feel good. When you help others, you make a connection to other people. You feel generous. You take your mind off your own troubles. And you appreciate your blessings.

Researchers say that volunteers experience a “helper’s high” for the short term, and less depression and better physical health in the long term.

Helping doesn’t have to be complicated or heroic. It just means taking some time off from yourself and devoting it to someone else. It’s easy to get started.

  • Visit an older person in your neighborhood.
  • Teach someone a language or skill that you have.
  • Volunteer to clean up a local park.
  • Coach a team.

To find volunteer opportunities, call your city or county 2-1-1 information line, visit Volunteer Mid-South, or check your yellow pages under “Volunteer Clearinghouse” or “Volunteer Center.”

STEPS TOWARD Hands-On Service

  • Think past your own problems.
  • Take inventory of the things you enjoy.
  • Find people who could use your help.
  • Schedule a time each day to help others.
  • Volunteer with a friend.

If you need a guide to help you down the pathway, or if you feel that you need immediate assistance, call the Front Porch at 901.762.8558.