It’s a Miracle

The Dennis H. Jones Living Well Network is pleased to announce a new marketing campaign that targets suicide prevention and depression screening during the month of October. Click for full article


Finding the Help You Need

In the movie, “A Boy Named Charlie Brown,” Charlie decides that he needs professional help for his feelings of low self-esteem.  He goes to see his friend Lucy, who is perched inside the window of a homemade office that looks like a lemonade stand.  On the front of the stand are two signs that read, “Psychiatric Help—5 cents,” and “The Doctor Is In.” Click for full article


It’s Not Taboo

Have you ever noticed that some people are afraid to say the word “suicide?”

If someone dies by suicide, we say “he took his own life,” or “she passed away suddenly.”  Are we trying to soften the harsh reality by avoiding the word “suicide?”  Are we afraid of breaking the silence that surrounds the stigma of suicide?

It’s not taboo to talk about suicide.  Here on the Front Porch, we speak up about the prevention of suicide and suicide awareness.  We know that suicide is preventable. But we need more people to speak up about it, too. Click for full article


May Is Mental Health Month

Pathways to Wellness: Leading Full and Productive Lives

Wellness—it’s essential to living a full and productive life. We may have different ideas about what wellness means, but it involves a set of skills and strategies that prevent the onset or shorten the duration of illness and promote recovery and well-being. It’s about keeping healthy as well as getting healthy. Click for full article


So Many Helpers

T.S. Elliot once wrote, “April is the cruelest month, breeding lilacs out of the dead land, mixing memory and desire, stirring dull roots with spring rain.” Whenever I read that poetic line, I think about the hope of spring after the dead of winter.  I think of colorful tulips and daffodils blooming and grass turning from brown to green.  I think about new life. I avoid reminders of the gloomy winter days. Click for full article


Healing for Mental Illness

As a licensed pastoral counselor and former pastor, I value and appreciate the way that Pastor Rick Warren and his family shared so openly with their congregation about the recent death of their 27 year old son Matthew.  Death by suicide is always a tragedy, but the prevalence of suicide in our culture is often hidden by a veil of secrecy. Click for full article


Have You Had Your Tune-up Today?

When I was working as an EAP Counselor, I frequently used the term “tune-up” with my former clients to describe the act of coming back to my office for a periodic mental health checkup.  Just as automobiles need tune-ups to ensure that the engine is running smoothly, my clients and I would meet together once or twice a year to recall mental and emotional solutions that reduced stress. Sometimes the old solutions needed to be refreshed or improved to maintain healthy functioning.

Everyone needs a tune-up once in a while. Click for full article


Who We Are

If you are reading this blog, then you have stumbled upon the Front Porch while browsing mental health topics.  Or perhaps you heard about us through health promotions and trainings. Either way, I welcome you. Click for full article